On January 24th, the ESN Freiburg e.V. team members elected the new board positions. Basically, the old board was confirmed and a new position has been established: IT-Manager Viktoria! We congratulate everyone for their great work and wish the new board many ideas and lots of fun during their term.

Now that it's the beginning of February, we are all in the hurry of studying for exams, writing exams, and some of you internationals are already leaving Freiburg! We wish you a great future at your home towns and hope you enjoyed the time with ESN Freiburg e.V.! You are always welcome to join our events in the future once you're in the city ever again. Also, we invite you to become active in your home town's local ESN section! We wish everyone great holidays, nice travels, lots of luck for the exams and a relaxed time. The summer semester will start with Welcome Weeks from 2nd of April, and the ESN team members will meet for their organizational meetings from Wednesday 28th 8pm. in the regular 2-week-rhythm.

Hugs everyone!
Your ESN Freiburg e.V. team