Your personal vacation wishes define what kind of car category matches the best. Are you going by yourself or with a group of friends? Do you only need hand luggage or big suitcases with sports stuff? Are you driving mostly on highways or adventurous roads? It doesn’t matter what kind of trip it is going to be, because always has a deal that meets your wishes.

When you book your rental car it is good to remember that you reserve a car category, like Economy, Mini or SUV, and not a specific brand or model. In every category you’ll find different types of cars. In these categories it is possible to select features like number of doors and airconditioning. This way you’ll always find your perfect rental car! is a website that compares car rental from 800+ suppliers at 30,000 locations worldwide. Because of this wide offer we can guarantee you’ll find the rental car that best fits your wishes.

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Also below we collected some of our best tips for you so you start your car rental experience well prepared:
• Are you the main driver but do you want your partner to drive too? This is possible, but you always have to check the terms and conditions for any additional driver's fee.
• Always check on any damage when you pick up the rental car. If any damage has been made and isn’t reported on the contract from the local supplier, make you do so. This can be used as a proof that the damage isn’t caused by you.